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Access rights

For proper functionallity, you have to grant the following permissions.


The app uses bluetooth for a connection to the OSTC-divecomputer only.


HWOSConfig uses a Internet connection for downloading the latest firmware versions and descriptions for the OSTC divecomputer from HeinrischWeikamp.


HWOSConfig creates a folder "HWOSConfig" on the device for storing firmware versins and descriptions. The app uses only its own created content. Other data on the device arent touched, neither read nor deleted.

The app didn't record data and did not contain advertizing (Ads.).

Eching 2018/01/30

Legal notes

HWOSConfig is the property of the author.

It is not permitted to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to access the Software or any of its related components, such as Help, Documentation or otherwise, to access the source code of the Software change, translate, or create derived products.

The usage of the software is at your own risk!
The author assumes no liability for damage resulting from the use of the software and its calculations, especially those caused by errors in this program!

Likewise, no functional guarantee for the software is assumed.
There is no support obligation on the part of the author!

HWOSConfig replaces neither a diving course nor the knowledge of the changes that can be made in the dive computer.