The Bronze Age logboat from the Eschbach Bay next to Wasserburg in Lake Constance - the oldest boat in Bavaria

In 2015 Christoph Schmid reported a logboat find in Lake Constance near Wasserburg. Christian Schaber (Lindau Water Rescue Service) then produced the first film and photo material. In autumn 2015, the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Monuments (BLfD) was informed, which in turn commissioned the BGfU to document the underwater discovery. In November 2016 Tobias Pflederer, Robert Angermayr and Detlef Peukert carried out the investigations. The BGfU divers received financial support from the BLfD's department "Volunteer work in the preservation of ground monuments".

Das Schindelwrack

Ein "Schiffchen" im Starnberger See liegt mir besonders am Herzen. X
Mein erster Tauchgang dort war im November 2003 und ich habe es gleich adoptiert.
"Adopt a Wreck", das war es wohl, obwohl ich das damals noch nicht kannte.